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Dance Show: Influences 2010

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Dina Bistry and Federico Moreno produce shows for a wide range of dances that are performed by well-established professionals as well as fledgling students who are eager to learn. Their latest production Influences 2010 took place in the Cubberley Theater in Palo Alto on February 6th, 2010. I was invited to take photos during the event.

The show started with an Israeli folk dance, performed by Dina and Federico. While these dances are usually done by large groups, this one was a rare one-couple performance.

Future headliners in a hip-hop routine.

Frogs, performed by Dina and Federico, is a humorous, modern dance. It never fails to amuse the audience and provides an insight into the difficult life of a frog—jumping up and down, up and down, up and down…

High energy hip-hop number by HyDef Performance.

Miracles—Rumba Flamenca.

Bollywood fusion.

Elegance and power of Tai-Chi moves.

Gidan—Aan Harethna is a mix of modern dance, belly dance and poi.

Powerful expression of modern dance.

The show wasn’t just about dance but also singing.

El Lado Femenino (“the feminine side”) is a modern dance which combines soft, flowing moves with an expression of strength and determination.

Las Alazanas, performed by Dina and Federico, is a crowd-pleasing Mexican folkloric dance from the Mexican state Jalisco. Colorful costumes, energetic moves, mariachi music—fun to dance and fun to watch.

A “well-balanced” belly dance performance.

Twirly double-veil routine.

Dina’s students striking a salsa pose.

Kombatango mixes tango with martial arts. While Dina and Federico sure look graceful and elegant, you better don’t mess with them! This flying kick left quite an impression with the audience.

Federico’s students in a Salsa number.

Flapper dresses, boas and headbandsit has to be Dina’s students having a Charleston moment.

Colorful Flamenco.

Mystery is a classical Foxtrot. Choreographed to the musical score of murder mystery, this dance has its share of drama and passion.

More excellent modern dance technique.

Don’t mess with this Kung Fu warrior!

Fongo Sunk is a Latin jazz dance. Fast and full of energy, it is moving from spins and jumps to elaborate footwork. This dance makes you want to jump out of your seat and join the dancers on stage.

Full cast taking the final bow (click this photo for a larger view).

See you at the next show!

Dina and Federico are available for performance, dance and fitness instructions. For more information, visit their web pages at and

All photos are copyright © by Stephan Hoerold ( and may not be copied without prior written consent by the photographer.

Text credits: Dina Bistry and Stephan Hoerold.


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